Now complete

I have got my Gardeners Journal Quilt top complete.  It is so different to the other two I have done.  I will show you a photo of all three soon.  Thanks Stitch a Long friends and Chooky for organising it.
 Now I need to quilt it.  Hope soon but we will see how I go.  I have a few in front of it first

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The last block

This is the last block completed.  So excited to have got it done so quick.  I start this when I got home from holidays at the end of May.  Dont know how Chooky talked me into it but thank you Chooky I have enjoy making this one.

Now to my Stitch a long friends.  Thanks for the encouragement along the way.  It has kept me going to the finish.  I know I have to sew it all together but hopefully today and then I can show you my quilt top tomorrow

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Remember this sneak peak

Here is the end result. Well Conni made this one with a little help from me and I made a smaller version of it (but not finished yet). This was made for a apron she had with some online stitching friends.

Very cute. Hope Tink likes it

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GGGggggggeeeeee complete

I have another block complete.  Watering the garden(which I dont need to do at the moment) and bird bath.  Its starting to come together nicely.  Im feeling a bit more organised these day and loving the feeling.

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This is our beautiful port area in Echuca

This is the near the port area in Echuca Victoria, Australia
Water has risen.

Hope you can jump chookyblue to get on your house boat.

Nice to see water again

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Colorado Beauty

Colorado Beauty
BOM  for Friend in Stitching.
The colour hasnt come out to well on the block. It is Lime green and choc brown.  This is block 6 and now four to go.
I like the pattern in this one.  Now another to get done

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FIS Paper bag swap.

Friends in Stitching are having a paper bag swap and this is what I received from Chookyblue.  Now what can I make out of two fat quarters and two lots of trim.  There was a violet crumble but that disappeared(oops).

Any hints????

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Block E of the Gardeners Journal

Block E of the Gardeners Journal complete.  I could start sewing it al together soon.  I have been motoring along with this one and so exciting its nearly finished.  Thanks to the support of Stitch -a -long friends.  

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This is block 5 complete for the BOM with Friends in Stitching,  Im a little behind but catch up every day.  This one was a challenge with set in seams.  Think you had to have your tongue the right way.  So exciting to have another complete.
Only 5 more to catch up on so back to the sewing room
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Im on a roll

Still in the Garden.  I have block F complete too.

Time to rest in the garden would be nice, especially in spring time.  Beautiful flower, colourful birds and sun shine some day.  This is my favourite time of the year.

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